Tikanga o te Ipurangi

  • Respect yourself and others online
  • Protect yourself and others online
  • Respect property online
Online and  Interactive sites 
Children should be supervised when on the internet. Not sure how to keep your child safe ?
Click on a link on the right. These sites may answer some of your questions. 

Education Landscape
The Education Landscape has changed a lot over the last 20 years. We have access to the internet Anywhere, Anytime through mobile technologies and computers. We need to make sure our tamariki know how to behave on the internet and keep safe.  What is happening in this picture? 
The picture below is from "Digital Citizenship in New Zealand Schools" and we have used this document to help us understand Digital Citizenship.  Click here to read the whole document. It is published by Netsafe and, in conjunction with Nga Uara o te Kura, is helping our kaiako to create learning programmes for our tamariki which give them the skiils to keep themselves safe, and the guidance to learn how to manage challenges online in a protected environment. We want our tamariki to be confident life long learners who will make a difference in Te Ao Maori me Te Ao Whanui so this means being digitally literate is important to us.